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Thyssen National Museum

The Madrid institution’s WeChat performance may lag behind some of its international counterparts — no reflection of its popularity among Chinese travelers to the Spanish capital — but it continues to demonstrate smart posting. A recent example was a Lunar New Year quiz offering a gift shop giveaway to the fastest correct respondent. Most questions included museum artwork images and tested readers on art history, familiarity with Thyssen’s collection, and some rudimentary Spanish. Readers were required to leave their answers in the comment section to win a cubist-inspired umbrella — a smart means of developing engagement with followers.

The Getty Museum

The Lunar New Year is traditionally celebrated by families huddled around tables laden with copious food. While many museums and cultural institutions chose to express generic holiday well-wishing — no fault per se — the Getty Center went further by contextualizing this Chinese tradition within its own collection. From Richard C. Miller’s iconic food images to Edouard Manet’s champagne and oyster lunch, the post is playful and informative read. In addition, the post asked readers to share their favorite festive dishes in the comment section with a Van Gogh kaleidoscope and a museum tote bag gifted to seven lucky responders.

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Palace Museum

This year marks the Forbidden City’s 600th anniversary and the Palace Museum duly released an evaluation of its recent statistics. The 19.33 million visitors in 2019 represents a 10 percent year-on-year increase with 56 percent under the age of 40. Millennials and Gen Zers have become a key demographic for Chinese cultural institutions and while this group’s appetite for contemporary art is well-known, Beijing’s premier tourist destination has been adept at remaining relevant despite its traditional status. This has been achieved through fusing together nostalgia and modernity with innovative exhibitions, television shows, and collaborative products. This engagement is also working to drive return visitors. The proof? The number of resident Beijingers visiting China’s dynastic icon doubled last year.


Beijing’s leading contemporary arts institution has maintained momentum into 2020 with the announcement of a Daniel Arsham scheduled for the second-half of 2020. It will be the first solo show at UCCA Dune Art Museum, the museum’s second location in Qinhuangdao, Hebei province. The American artist’s latest work will connect with the unique gallery space at UCCA Dune. Arsham’s popularity in China has risen following an extensive show at HOW Art Museum (Shanghai) and a high-profile streetwear collaboration with Dior.

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