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April 15

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, we have attended multiple webinars and online activities where the need to deepen the digitization of museums has been highlighted. Practically all the reflections have shown that in general, an evident delay accumulates in strategic management processes and that; the opportunity should be taken to give it a new impetus. The danger is that, as is often the case in museums, an executive policy is chosen rather than a strategic one. Priority is given to evidencing some action on the part of the museum rather than designing a project linked to long-term strategic planning. On the other hand, an adequate conceptual separation has not always been established between the idea of ​​offering the digital version of a museum to simply perfecting its website.

Given this, as part of our mission here at El Museo Transformador, we have developed an evaluation tool that helps to make decisions in a reflective way, inviting us not to do so only in emergency contexts. These decisions must not only take into account the technological aspects but above all the priorities of sustainability over time.