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March 3

Are you making the most of your Youtube channel? YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine on the internet and has the capability to be a robust and exciting way to reach and grow your audience. The Digital Culture Network has teamed up with Google Arts & Culture to bring you this session where we will explore how your organisation can use its YouTube channel to its full potential.

By encouraging you to think about your organisation as a “brand”, a Google Digital Garage trainer will help you consider who your YouTube audience is, how you can understand what they want and how to reach them. They’ll share practical tips on planning and creating your content and explain how to make the best use of all the platform features; including how to optimise content for search engines and how to use Analytics to measure success. This will be followed by break-out conversations, allowing you to connect with your peers and digest learnings from the presentation. There will also be inspiration and examples shared by Google Arts & Culture.