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MuseumNext Digital Summit 2021
MuseumNext’s Digital Summit explored how cultural institutions formed new strategies in a year of seismic change. Explore series
Smartify x JCC
Smartify's guest series explores strategies that cultural institutions can leverage to expand their outreach and enrich their storytelling. Explore series

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After the past year's challenges, the museum director reflects on PAMM's role in the new world of digital hybridity.
Art Fund's latest Museum Sector report highlights the prime concerns and challenges facing cultural organizations in 2021.
On the heels of The Future of the Museum: 28 Dialogues, the cultural strategist talks change and evolution in the museum field.
Ahead of MUŻE.X's Spring Series webinar, Norris talks inclusivity, transparency, and community focus.

Cultural Collaborations

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On International Museum Day, MFA's four-hour livestream, complete with a cultural product push, reached 8 million viewers on Kuaishou.
"You’re creating products that are really for super fans of an artist," says the lifestyle brand's CEO Christina Burns.
The institution has inked an agreement with cultural IP specialist Artistory, with plans for a 2022 launch.
In collaboration with Bombay Sapphire and artist Camille Walala, the museum undergoes the rare supermarket pivot.


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September 8 - September 10
HOSTED BY The Inclusive Museum
September 27 - October 1
HOSTED BY Museum of Art and History of the City of Geneva (MAH)
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