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Catherine Devine x JCC
Microsoft’s Catherine Devine shares how museums can enhance their infrastructure and programming to meet the digital moment. Explore series
Smartify x JCC
Smartify's guest series explores strategies that cultural institutions can leverage to expand their outreach and enrich their storytelling. Explore series

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Y-Lab's digital conference, The Art of A.I., examined how the tech is recalibrating the way museums work and approach art.
The Museum Innovation Barometer 2021 uncovers how cultural institutions plan to build on the past year's digital transformations.
A response to social distancing measures, the program facilitates real-time interactions between virtual guides and museum visitors.
As the cultural sector reopens, how should museums approach an audience experience that newly bridges online and onsite?


Innovative approaches to cultural commerce and revenue generation

In the past year, Chinese tech giants have ventured into the NFT realm, tapping and fueling the popularity of virtual assets in China.
IP lawyer and CXIP CEO Jeff Gluck discusses how NFT creators can better guard their rights in a loosely regulated space.
The Shanghai-based store points to the lucrative power of museum IP and the growing appetite for wenchuang products in China.
"One of the goals of cryptocurrency is to truly function as currency," says its Executive Director. "We want to contribute to that goal."

Cultural Collaborations

Key partnerships between cultural venues and agencies

The Louvre is the latest museum to join Samsung's Art Store, enabling audiences to view and display its collection on their walls.
The upcoming holiday is seeing Western museums collaborating with local partners to whet the appetite of Chinese consumers.
Following its partnership with Alfilo Brands, this latest deal will see the museum replicating its winning IP strategy globally.
The show addresses "how Chinese artists have reflected upon the impact of outside industries and politics on China,” says LACMA.


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