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Catherine Devine x JCC
Microsoft’s Catherine Devine shares how museums can enhance their infrastructure and programming to meet the digital moment. Explore series
MCN 2021 Virtual
As MCN Virtual 2021's media partner, Jing Culture & Commerce features key learnings from the conference’s regional spotlights. Explore series

Cultural Insider

Strategies and high-level thinking by cultural organizations and leadership

The new online platform features exhibitions, stories, and resources that recenter the African American experience.
A virtual panel hosted by ACM SIGGRAPH tackled how immersion is transforming digital storytelling and audience engagement.
"It’s not only about the object," says Managing Director Marco Fazzone, "it’s more about the stories behind the object."
Mirroring IKEA's international footprint, the IKEA Museum Digital aims to make its collections "accessible to more people globally."


Innovative approaches to cultural commerce and revenue generation

The artist's takeover of the Tate Edit shop represents an innovative (and lucrative) rethinking of the museum's retail space.
The streamer is increasingly deploying its most popular IPs across multiple platforms from merchandise to immersive experiences.
This year's shopping event saw 100 participating museums and sales of IP products growing by 400 percent year-on-year.
Following a year of lost revenue and footfall, the cultural sector is waking up to the opportunities presented by licensing deals.

Cultural Collaborations

Key partnerships between cultural venues and agencies

As part of a joint "dedication to support the arts," the partnership will award an emerging artist the annual Richard Mille Art Prize.
The recent swell of museum and brand team-ups bears out the increasing popularity and bankability of the IP model.
In partnership with Bluepiper Studio, the crowdfunded project leverages the museum's IP and China's ongoing blind box craze.
The partnership between the collective and Shenzhen mall bears out the cultural-retail model that's proven successful in China.


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